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Power exchange (also called Erotic power exchange, authority exchange and power dynamics) refers to a relationship of mutual consent in which one person gives their submission in exchange for another person giving their dominance. The exchange is the power that is always inherent in dominance & submission where in which the s-type loses some degree of authority to the D-type in exchange for the D-type taking some degree of responsibility for the s-type.

Intense and skillful power exchanges may result in sub space.


Power Exchange:

  • can be applied to individual scenes or may govern the entire way of those involved relating to one another on a constant basis.
  • may also have various levels of power negotiated for or be absolute.
  • may be applied to very specific aspects, such as lovemaking or finance, or become homogeneously synonymous with every part of daily life.
  • can be practiced not only by a couple but also by a poly group.
  • is not restricted to specifically to those that practice BDSM but is most commonly associated with it.
  • May or may not include aspects of SM or sexual fetishism.
  • can be said to occur, at least on a minor level, with every interaction a person has.


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