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A values system consists of a hierarchically-ordered, always open set of morals, ethics, standards, preferences, belief systems and world views that come together through self-organizing principles to define an individual, a group, or a culture. These values are considered complementary and integrated with one another.

Core Values

Core Values is a narrow spectrum of the most enriched and treasured values and prescribe the attitude and character of an organization. These values often describe a code of conduct of an organization. The philosophical antecedent of these values is virtue ethics, which is often attributed to the definitions of ethics as proposed by Aristotle.

An example of the core values of the US Army

Best Practices

Values systems can have severe impacts on negotiations and relationships so it is very important to understand and communicate these things to any potential partners, short and long term as values systems may vary drastically between individuals and some level of compatibility and shared understanding is essential between partners.