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Skull and crossbones.png Edge play is dangerous; do not try this at home! Skull and crossbones.png

24/7 or less commonly 24/7/365 is a power exchange relationship in which the s-type is subject to the protocalls in the D/s or M/s relationship anytime, anyplace the d-type decides and the dominant partner has access to all powers they have negotiated for at all times of the day, to include times and spaces where the the d-type and s-type are not together.

Examples of 24/7 authority may include:

  • Not 24/7 A command that a s-type may not experience orgasm would apply for the duration of the scene or until retracted.
  • 24/7 A command that the s-type may not experience orgasm would apply at all times indefinitely, until retracted, even if both are separated across great distances for extended periods of time.

24/7 is an abbreviation which stands for "24 hours a day, 7 days a week"; the extended phrase 24/7/365 adds "... 365 days a year"

This terms is also frequently used in conjunction with TPE; 24/7 TPE indicating a dynamic synonymous with Master/slave. 24/7 TPE may also be referred to as the lifestyle, not to be confused with the lifestyle to describe a lifestyle of swinging activities.

24/7 is considered edge play because of the profound psychological impact through conditioning that this type of power exchange can have, and that if not very carefully and skillfully managed can lead to very long lasting and damaging psychological effects.