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Skull and crossbones.png Edge play is dangerous; do not try this at home! Skull and crossbones.png

In BDSM, edgeplay is a subjective term for types of activities that are "on" or "over" the edge of the boundaries of SSC. These activities are regarded by many as inadvisable and dangerous, and best practices indicates that they should not be attempted without proper and extensive training, supervision, safety precautions, etc. as appropriate, and never without thorough negotiations.


In many cases legal precedent indicates edgeplay may be illegal and that legal consent may not create a defense to liability for any injuries caused and that, for these purposes, non-physical injuries are included in the definition of grievous bodily harm.

Criteria for Edgeplay

Edgeplay could be considered:

  • Activities with any risk of serious or permanent damage or even death.
  • Activities that present an increased risk of spreading disease.
  • Activities that may present a significant psychological danger.

The term edgeplay is also sometimes improperly used as a synonym for knife play.

Best Practices

Hands on Training

Please never attempt to do any sort of edge play without hands on training from an expert, doing so is reckless and irresponsible and simply reading an article is NOT enough to start practicing.


When practicing edge play it is not a question of if an accident will happen, but when. Be sure to have appropriate first aid and emergency medical gear on hand, as well as potentially have medical expertise present for especially risky activities. A fully charged cell phone to make calls for emergencies is a must and a portable first aid kit and a bottle of liquid stitches are great tools to carry with you as well.

Please keep firmly in mind that there is a lot of misinformation not only on the internet, but also in the community about various forms of edge play to include within circles of those of great reputation and experience within the public kink lifestyle community.

Also keep in mind that if someone you meet did something, had a great time, and didn't immediately die from it and had no visible injury or immediate repercussions, doesn't mean that the activity is safe to do, that you should try it, or that they have any clue what they are talking about. Many injuries sustained from risky activities are both invisible and cumulative and can cause severe failure of various vital organs throughout the body over time. Many people who die from various edge play injuries believed they knew exactly what tiny and mitigated risks they were taking and instead turned out to be quite literally dead wrong. Please do not let yourself become a statistic.


Use of this wiki, especially when regarding edge play, is at user’s own risk. No collectible value is implied or expressed by the authors or staff, or acknowledged by the user. The authors is not responsible for use of the wiki. The authors provide information on techniques for educational purposes only and makes no recommendation for the use of this wiki. The Authors make no guarantee or warranty either express or implied. The Authors are not responsible for any injury resulting from use or misuse of this wiki. By reading this wiki, the user agrees to hold the authors and staff free from all liability and any and all judgments for injury from this wiki, and for any ill or negative effects its use or effects it may cause.


Social taboos (for example, age play, scat fetishism, racial slurs) and controversial topics like total power exchange, rape and abduction scenes, zoophilia and others are sometimes considered edgeplay. Some activities, such as ageplay, may be considered quite edgey by some and not at all for others. The definition is entirely subjective, although typically based on some level of what people are used to in the local BDSM culture which can vary greatly from region to region.

What constitutes edgeplay varies with the opinions of persons involved and these opinions may change over time.


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