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Skull and crossbones.png Edge play is dangerous; do not try this at home! Skull and crossbones.png

Balls Out Risky Kink (BORK) is an acronym used to describe a philosophical view that is permissive of exceptionally risky sexual behaviors. This is often viewed in contrast to safe, sane, and consensual which generally holds that only activities that are considered thoroughly safe, sane, and consensual are permitted to be practiced.

The term arose as an acronym similar to the word "Borked" which in net lingo arose to be a synonym for FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition) even though the actual term bork means something completely different according to the dictionary (to attack a political candidate).


BORK indicates a type of play that there is a substantial risk of serious injury under even cautious conditions.


BORK differs from typical edge play in that the term edge play more commonly references types of play that can have catastrophic results in the cases of equipment failure or improper technique, but that in edge play those risks are mostly mitigated by equipment maintenance and proper technique, where as with BORK even with proper equipment maintenance and proper technique a large and substantial risk is still present.

Some qualifiers of BORK generally indicate that there is a substantial risk of an emergency room trip, permanent damage or death due to:

  • The bottom having an involuntary sneeze
  • A slight change in wind direction
  • A tiny misstep from the top or bottom of less than six inches
  • Intentionally ignoring Best Practices for typical edge play scenarios
  • Any other minor factor that could lead to a severe risk


BORK methods of play are generally considered patently unsafe, even by world class experts that can perform these techniques flawlessly and repeatedly.

Best Practices

Best Practices indicate to always be very well informed about any risk you are taking, if you are not informed of the potential dangers you cannot meaningfully consent. Think long and hard before engaging in BORK, it only takes a tiny slip to ruin or end a life. Do not engage in BORK unless you have seen strong evidence to support that the activity can be done safely by whoever is topping. Consider that engaging in BORK is a lot like going skydiving without anyone having checked if your parachute was packed properly.