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A protector is a person who escorts and/or watches over a Charge to ensure that the other is safe, exact duties will vary based upon protection negotiations.

Potential duties of a protector

A protector might:

  • Attend events and introduce the charge as such to others.
  • Utilize a collar of protection or otherwise ward off unwanted advances from others that make the charge uncomfortable.
  • Negotiate scenes on behalf of the charge after intimately understanding their wants, needs and limitations.
  • Give or deny permissions for a charge to have specific play partners.
  • Set limits on the charge for amount and types of play to avoid or mitigate the effects of Frenzy or Drop.
  • Monitor scenes the charge engages in as if they were a DM.
  • Provide demonstrations, advice, or mentoring guidance for the charge.
  • Provide a transition period (usually 2-4 weeks) as a service dominant to a slave in their leather family that has recently become unowned for any number of reasons.
  • Shew away potential undesirable persons of any kind.
  • Watch over an owned s-type in the absence of their d-type (by request) by performing some of the above duties.

The inclusion of these elements is usually left to express negotiation and agreement between the parties. A Protector-charge relationship generally is not expected to last for a long term, but generally will often last for one event or several months depending upon the needs of the charge.

Best Practices

The role of a protector does not equate to being someone's Dominant, Play partner, Trainer, or sex partner. It is important to determine that attaining one of these positions is not a hidden motive of a potential protector as it is not entirely uncommon to have predatory individuals offer to protect vulnerable new explorers of BDSM as a ruse to gain access to those without good information or in a diminished capacity, and exploit them. Be sure that a protector you select is someone that you can trust not to take advantage of you.