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Frenzy, sometimes called sub frenzy, top frenzy or dom frenzy, is a condition in which a person that is very new to BDSM becomes very excited after initial experiences with BDSM (sometimes attributed to a feeling of making up for lost time) and proceeds with very little caution, self concern, compromised emotions and impaired judgement due to the excitement that this new lifestyle can provide. At times frenzy can appear very similar to various forms of addiction and for individuals prone to those kinds of personality traits it is wise to have a protector and a safe and monitored space to play in as they may be operating in a diminished capacity.

Typically frenzy, if it is to occur, will strike within the first three months of regular play and may last from a few weeks to up to a year before the new excitement and energy starts to dwindle.

During this time of frenzy or potential frenzy, if a protector is selected they will often set limits to the amount one plays to ensure the health of their body and mind, vet who the person plays with, help negotiate, monitor scenes, and ensure the charge does not dive into romantic power exchange relationships and velcro collars without informed consent and caution.