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M/s, or, Master/slave relationships are a special case of D/s, in which the Master has ultimate authority over the slave. This practice is frequently thought to include 24/7 live-in TPE.

Frequently leading up to a Master/slave relationship dynamic is a period of consideration and a period of slave training.

Master slave relationships often use some form of permanent collar and contract.


Master/Slave relationships may be considered to rely on the SODS principle put forth by LT Morrison in the book "Devil in the Details"[1], from that work is extrapolated the following information:

  • Service
  • Obedience
  • Direction
  • Structure

Just as the s-type needs these things provided, the Master also needs to provide them- not only for the continued health of the relationship dynamic, but also simply because they are a Master as part of their identity.

It is a synergistic relationship which shows an important lesson: while a slave may be submissive in the relationship, and subordinate, they are not less important than the Master to the power dynamic. To have a Master without a slave is much like a captain without a ship (and vice versa).

The Three Tenets of Mastery

Master/slave relationships are said to operate on three tenets put forth by LT Morrison in "Devil in the Details", from that work is extrapolated the following information:

  • The slave gives the Master their power because they do not want it, the Master does not give it back to them. The slave will resent the Master if they direct power back to the slave.
  • The Master must use that power that they are given; use the slave- the slave wants to be used by the Master. Both Master and slave must believe fully in the SODS needs of themselves and the other.
  • The Master must appreciate the slave for who they are. They must value the slave and embrace their uniqueness.