Dom Burnout

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Dom Burnout refers to a period of fatigue experienced by D-types (most commonly those in 24/7 TPE dynamics) that involves lack of a desire to dominate a partner with enthusiasm and may or may not have other symptoms conducive with depression, mild anxiety, lethargy, general malaise and drop.

Dom burnout usually occurs when the dominant overextends their domination past the resources they have to commit to dominating, frequently because they have overestimated what they can reasonably commit to with their current resources.

Dom Burnout may last a few minutes to a few months depending on the context of the situation.

If experiencing dom burnout, the best solution is often to take a break and take it easy.

This can be done by ordering the s-type to take on more duties temporarily to decrease their free time and increase the d-type's free time, or by sending the s-type on a short vacation, for example, a weekend at a spa or with friends and family.

In many cases it will help to seek the assistance and counsel of other dominants that are currently not suffering from dom burnout to help reinstate an appropriate dominant attitude.

Some preventative measures may include:

  • Better time management and structuring on the part of the dominant.
  • Monthly meetings with other local dominants, perhaps a dominant discussion group.
  • Annual planned three day vacations spent apart.