Cyber Domination

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Cyber domination, sometimes called remote or virtual domination and akin to LDR, is a catch all term for Power exchange techniques and Relationships that are derived through technological means. This can be vastly fantasy based such as through the use of avatars in a computer game, or it can be another part of a real time relationship such as by sending a text message that gives an order, or somewhere in between.

More frequently the term cyber domination refers to individuals participating in power exchange who communicate through technological means exclusively but are represented by their real selves through the use of pictures, web cameras, online phone services, chat rooms, online profiles, emails and similar communication methods.

Cyber Domination may or may not include elements of Cyber sex.


Many criticize the use of exclusive virtual domination methods as a valid form of practicing power exchange and S&M, however, proponents point out that structured relationships that control of the Three powers and are enforced through punishment and reward as well as some limited S&M experiences are not only possible, but rewarding for many and have in many cases led to satisfying real world relationships. Further, proponents point out that many who do live in 24/7 power exchange relationships will also rely on remote forms of domination during periods where the partners are unable to be in physical shared space for periods of time.