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Time in is a subjective concept that indicates the amount of time a person has spent living as part of the BDSM culture in a relatively public fashion indicates their experience level with BDSM.


While the amount of time spent as part of the public scene, or relative age of a participant may in many cases give some insight into their experience level, in many cases making such assumptions can prove patently false.

While one might assume that a younger person has no business throwing a whip their first time in a dungeon, they might be more experienced than many if they grew up throwing whips their whole lives.  Further, many elder individuals in the lifestyle might be presumed to be wiser because of their age, but they may not have begun practicing BDSM until late in life, or even if they have many years, might not have spent most of that time educating and practicing to hone their skills.

The age of a participant or time in perceived as a member of kink culture on some level does not necessarily indicate any sort of experience level so it is best not to assume, doing so indicates some form of agist behavior. It is not the time in that matters, but how that time has been spent. More importantly, everyone will have ample opportunities to show their levels of experience or lack thereof, and everyone always has something more to learn. Even the best of the best are sure to keep an open mind and listen to newer explorers for potential bits of wisdom that might be gleaned from a fresh new perspective.

With that in mind, Best practices indicates it is important to give respect to all, and honors to those that are worthy of them. See also Discrimination.