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For many people, BDSM practices can lead to profound transcendental experiences, reminiscent of shamanic ordeals. Additionally, many have turned to various spiritual traditions to guide them ethically, or have sought to reconcile their BDSM desires with their chosen religious or spiritual tradition. BDSM spirituality groups have formed within local groups and on the Internet; there have also been BDSM support groups for members of particular religions.

Reconciling BDSM with faith

Some may experience symptoms of paraphilia or paraphilic drop when considering, discussing, engaging in or otherwise entertaining thoughts and acts of BDSM due to certain religious preconceptions.

It may help to know that while some may choose to intermingle various aspects of their religion or spiritual practices into their BDSM scenes, just as many keep their spiritual beliefs entirely separate, should they have any, and people of all religious persuasions or lack thereof are known to engage in at least some practices of BDSM.

If you are having trouble reconciling your faith or ethics with BDSM practices, consider using the resources section to reach out to a kink friendly professional as paraphilia is a legitimate concern.

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