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The SFC or Sexual Freedom Coaliition brings together all the groups campaigning for sexual freedom, to encourage them to work together and form a united force. We also campaign ourselves when we feel this is necessary, and speak out for sexual freedom at every opportunity. We challenge the Home Office, governments, religions, police and press for the sexual freedom of all consenting adults.

Our talent lies in plain, honest, informed speaking about sex, free of embarrassment or the influence of commerce, popularist media, celebrity-talk, government, Home Office or funding restrictions.

Our strength lies in having a team of highly experienced professionals, including lawyers, and “ordinary people doing extraordinary things” who believe very strongly in sexual freedom and are prepared to fight for it, challenge bigotry, prejudice, prudery and, in the case of female genital mutilation and restricting the opportunities of disabled people, cruelty.

We campaign for sexual pleasure to be treated seriously, sex workers to be respected, people to be able to do, see and enjoy whatever we choose, so long as it is all adult and consensual.