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We Are Changing The World One Vanilla At A Time.

TSR (Talking Sex Radio) Network is a network of online shows consisting primarily of interviews and education regarding kink.

The project is self described as:

Talking Sex Radio is the net’s leading destination for adults who want to explore the sight and sounds of erotica with taste and style. This unique streaming broadcasts live TV shows about BDSM and Kink were created to develop a video portal combines titillating sexual imagery with the cutting-edge technology and the BDSM community. We are about creating a blue print with our live broadcast that reached out to teach and educated new players in BDSM.

Since it’s launch in December 2005, more than 3800,000 unique listeners/viewers have join the TSRnetwork.com community here on TSRnetwork.com. The site cutting-edge content from Live Free Kink TV Shows, musicians, artist, writers, photographers, models and light minded folks, all on the vanguard of today’s pop sex culture. TSRnetwork.com and TalkingSeRadio.com is an ever-changing environment with new content added daily. TSRnetwork.com started out as Talkingsexradio.com an audio podcast that highlight the BDSM community and life choice. Then when the TV shows were developed the name was changed to TSRnetwork.com TSR stands for Talking Sex Radio and still believes in education and creating space with freedom in mind to be who you are. It is the foundation of TSR and the right to have an adult life without fear.

In a world full of choices, TSRnetwork.com.com is THE place for sex talk, humor, advice and commentary on all things sexy and educational.