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A slave journal is a tool used in slave training and power exchange dynamics that is a place to record thoughts and feelings of the s-type, especially those thoughts and feelings that are in concerns to their submissive nature, actions, protocols and other aspects of power exchange dynamics.

Generally this tool is designed to bring about new levels of self awareness as well as to share that awareness with the d-type through use of written forms of assertive speech techniques.

Depending on the negotiated dynamics, a d-type may or may not have access to the journal. If access is negotiated then the d-type will often make use of the tool to help better direct the s-type in the future.

Best Practices

There is a commonly understood rule that the journal is a tool for insight to the s-type and their slave mentality thus to ensure continued full disclosure the d-type must ensure the s-type can feel safe communicating through this medium. In that spirit there is a general best practices rule never to punish anything that is written in the journal, and more appropriately, that the d-type must review the information presented in a responsible fashion, noting areas of repeated psychological reactance to be indicative of more volatile periods of subduction as outlined in slave training, indicating a potential need to shift tactics if subduction is to move forward smoothly.

Emotional Journal Entries

During periods of distress, angst, anger, frustration, insolence and other emotional difficulties on the part of the s-type it is often considered beneficial for the s-type to write their feelings out until they run out of feelings within their journal, then organize their thoughts in a presentable fashion and return to discuss the situation with the d-type they serve. This might be at the order of the d-type or at the s-type's recognition that their emotions are proving to be a challenge.

Daily Journal Entries

In many cases it may be beneficial to have a structured daily or weekly report to be written into the journal. The exact specifications will vary based on the needs of the relationship dynamic, however some generally useful things you may wish to record in the journal are:

  • 1+ dislikes about the day.
  • 3+ likes about the day.
  • 1+ recognitions of the d-type's efforts and work in the relationship, potentially the favorite one.
  • 1+ recognitions of the s-type's efforts and services in the relationship, potentially the favorite one.
  • Any resentments that occurred inside or outside of the relationship dynamic.
  • 1+ things to be proud about.
  • 1+ ways in which the s-type improve and/or maintain itself that day.
  • A statement of renewal and devotion to the relationship
  • Any ways in which the s-type failed to complete an obligation.
  • Any obligations for the next day that are planned to be achieved by the s-type.
  • Any special information that needs to be relayed based upon the specific needs of the power exchange dynamics.

This sort of journal can be a great tool to not only be reflective and aware of oneself daily, but also to search for good and undesirable patterns between days and weeks. These patterns can then be used to create a conscious intention for how one approaches their days in the future, by playing to their strengths, and working to reduce weaknesses.