Role Essentialism

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The term "role essentialism" was used in 2011 by Thomas M. Millar. [1]

From that essay, the term is linked to the following pernicious and false ideas:


Role essentialism is sometimes criticized because while a message of avoiding one true wayism is present and important, that definitions often are stripped down or diluted to the point where much of the implied meaning, nuance and associated best practices with an aspect of BDSM may be lost in translation. This view itself assumes that some levels of role essentialism can have a positive and educational effect.

Best Practices

Best Practices indicate it is best to let others identify however they wish and recognize that they are going to anyway. The only choice as an individual that you have is to decide if you agree with and bestow such titles upon others, and also recognize that just as they are entitled to their subjective benchmarks as to what qualifies for a certain title, you are entitled to decide those same things for yourself.