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Low and slow is a best practices concept that is to be applied when first trying out most new activities or relationship developments concerning BDSM so as to reduce the potential of unwanted results.

Low is used to indicate the energy level that should be started with, being, minimal energy input so as not to cause overload.

Slow refers to the notion that one can then gradually increase the energy or frequency involved with the activity or relationship development.


  • starting on a low setting of electricity on a violet wand that is gradually increased to the desired level of comfort or discomfort.
  • casually discussing and creating the idea of adding a new protocol like eliminating a behavior of smoking cigarettes to a power exchange dynamic with your partner and then creating a gradually increasing expectation that the protocol be integrated into every day life.

Warm up

The process of low and slow allows the bottom to gradually warm up to the activity being performed by processing the pain or humiliation and entering their preferential head space. In the case of impact play this process will be readily visible as the blood starts to slowly rise to the surface. Without this warm up and techniques of pain processing the experience is not likely be fully enjoyed by the bottom.