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A sexualized fetish is traditionally considered an object or situation of interest that causes sexual arousal.

A sexualized kink is considered to be a term used to refer to a playful usage of sexual concepts which are overt, accentuated, unambiguously expressive of sexuality. Something that is kinky is said to possess these qualities.

There is sometimes an implied notion that a kink is something done for casual fun and deviant appeal, while a fetish would indicate a form of requirement for sexual arousal, though both words are often used interchangeably.

Fetishes (or kinks) may be drawn from a series of logical attractions, may be absent of logic, or operate from a place that defies logic entirely. Best Practices indicates to remember The first rule of pervert club.

Virtually any topic, subject or even abstract concept can be fetishized and as such this wiki only aims to categorize and document fetishes that cover a wide enough scope to have a reasonably sized representation and frequent mention within the kink community.

Future Articles

  • 1 1950s Household
  • 2 24/7,
  • A Abduction Play, Abrasion Play, Accents, Age Play, Anal, Anal Beads, anal chastity, anal hooks, Anal Sex, Anal Stretching, anal training, androgyny, anime, Anonymous Encounters, armbinders, armpits, Art Erotica, artistic cutting, asian, Asphyxiaphilia, Ass Play, Ass to Mouth, Ass worship, attention, Auralism,
  • B Bald Girls, Ball Gags, Ball Kicking, Ball Stretching, Ballbusting, Ballet Boots/Shoes, Bare Bottom Spanking, Bare Handed Spanking, barefoot, Bastinado, Bathroom Use Control, BBW Bondage, BBW/BHM, BDSM, begging, behavior modification, bellydancing, belt spanking, belt whippings, Ben Wa Balls, big tits, Bimboification, bisexuality, Biting, black men, Black Women, Blindfolds, Blood Play, blow jobs, blushing, Body Hair, Body Modification, Body Paint, Body Worship, Bondage, bondage art, Bondage Equipment, Bondage Tape, Boot, boot blacking, Boot licking, boot worship, Boss/Secretary, Braces, Branding, Brats, Breast Bondage, Breast Spanking, breast whipping, Breast/Nipple Torture, breastfeeding, breasts, Breath Play, breeding, Bruises, Bukkake, bullwhips, Burlesque, Business Suits, butches, Butt Plugs,
  • C Caging/Confinement, Candle Wax, Caning, Caressing, Casting, catheters, Catsuits, CBT, Cell Popping, Chains, Chakra energy play, chaps, Chastity, Chastity Devices, cheerleading uniforms, Chocolate, choking, Cigars, Clamps and Clips, claws, Cling Film, clit pumping, clit spanking, Clit Torture, Clothespins, Clover Clamps, Clowns, Cock and Ball Torture, Cock Milking, cock slapping, Cock Worship, cocksucking, Collar and Lead/Leash, Collars, Consensual nonconsent, control, cornertime, Corporal Punishment, Corset Cinching, corset piercing, corset training, corsetry, Corsets, cosplay, Costumes/Dressing-up, Covert Bondage, crawling, creampie, crops, Cross Dressing, crucifixion, Crying, Cuckold, Cuddles, cum, Cunnilingus, cunt torture, Cunt Worship, Cupping, Cutting, cyber sex,
  • D D/s, Dacryphilia, Daddy Daughter roleplay, Daddy/girl, damsels in distress, decorative cutting, Deep Throating, Defilement, Degradation, Denim, Depilation/Shaving, Diapers, Dildos, Discipline, Doctor/Nurse Play, dollification, Domestic Servitude, Domination, Double Penetration, Douching, Duct Tape,
  • E E-Stim, Edge Play, Electrical Play, Electrotorture, emotional masochism, Emotional Sadism, Encasement Fetish, Enemas, Energy Play, Erotic Literature, Erotic Photography, Exhibitionism, eye contact restrictions,
  • F Face Farting, Face Fucking, Face sitting/smothering, Face Slapping, Facial Hair, Fear, Feathers, feet, Female Ejaculation, female humiliation, Female Supremacy, FemDom, feminization, Fetish Models, Fetish Wear, fetnights, Figging, fingering, fingernails, Fire Cupping, Fire Flogging, Fire Play, fish hooks, Fishnets, Fisting, Flashing, Flesh Hooks, Flirting, Flogging, Food Play, Foot Massage, Foot Worship, Foot/Feet, forniphilia, Freckles, French Maids, fucking machines, Fur,
  • G Gagging/Choked by Cock, Gags, Gangbangs, Gas Masks, gay bondage, Gay Rape Fantasy, gay sex, geeks, Geisha, gender play, genital piercings, genital torture, Glass Dildos, Glasses, glory hole, gloves, Gor, Gorean slave positions, Goth, graphoerotica, Grooming, group sex,
  • H hair, hair bondage, Hair Pulling, hairbrush spanking, Handcuffs, handjobs, Hands, Hanging, head shaving, hemp rope, Hentai, High Heels, High Protocol, Hojojutsu, hoods, hook suspension, Hot Oil Massages, human ashtray, Human Doll, human furniture, human toilet, Humiliation, Humor,
  • I Ice Cubes, impact play, Impregnation Fantasy, Infidelity, inflatables, intelligence, Internal Enslavement, interracial sex, Interrogation,
  • J Japanese Bondage,
  • K Kicking, kidnapping roleplay, kilts, Kinbaku, Kissing, Kitten Petplay, Klismaphilia, kneeling,
  • L lace, Lactation, large labia, Large objects, Latex, Leather, legs, Lesbian Domination, Librarians, Light Bondage, Lingerie, lipstick, liquor, Lycra/spandex,
  • M Maid, Maid Uniforms, Makeup, Making Home Movies, male authority, male submission, martial arts, Masks, Masochism, Massages, Master/Slave, Masturbation, Medical Play, Medieval Devices, Mental Bondage, metal, military, military interrogation, Military Uniforms, Mind Fucks, Mistress/slave, mistresses with strap-ons, mommy/boy dynamics, Mommy/girl, Monogamy, Multiple Orgasms, mummification, muscle worship, Muscles, music, Mutual Masturbation,
  • N necks, Needle Play, Nipples, Nudity, Nun/Priest Play, NylonLegs & Feet, Nyotaimori,
  • O Obedience Training, Objectification, Old Guard Slavery, older women, Online Play, Oral Sex, Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial, Orgy, otk spanking, outdoor bondage, Outdoor sex,
  • P Paddling, Pain, Panties, Panty-Sniffing, Pantyhose/Stockings, pegging, Percussion Play, Petplay, Petticoats, phone sex, Photography, Piercings, Piggy Play, pigtails, Pin-Ups, Pinching, Pirates, Play Piercing, Play Punishment, polyamory, Pony Play, Porn, Posture Collars, Power Exchange, Predator/prey, Predicament Bondage, Pressure points, pro domme, Prostate Massage, prostate milking, Protocol, Psycholagny, pubic hair, Public Humiliation, public play, punching, Puppy Play, Pursuit, Take-Down & Capture, pussy pumping, pussy worship, PVC,
  • Q queening,
  • R Red Heads, Religious Play, Remote-Control Devices, Restraints, Retifism, Riding Crops, Rimming, Rituals, robots, Role Play, Rope Bondage/Suspension, rough sex, Rubber,
  • S Sacred Sexuality, Sadism, Sadomasochism, sapiosexuality, Saran Wrap, Satin, Scarf bondage, Scarification, Scent, schoolgirl, schoolgirl uniform, Scratching, Seduction, Self-bondage, Sensation Play, Sensory Deprivation, sensual domination, sensual play, Sensual/slave dances, sensualism, Service, Service-oriented submission, sex, Sex During Menstruation, Sex In Public, sex in the cemetery, sex in videostore porn rooms, sex magick, Sex Online, sex with strangers, sexual objectification, sexual slavery, Shackles, shaving, Shemales, Shibari, shoes, Silk, Single Tail Whips, Sissification, sissy panties, sissy training, Skirts, Slapping, Slave Bells, slave tattoos, slavery, sleep, sleepsacks, sleepy sex, sluts, small penis humiliation, small tits, Smoking, smothering, snuggling, Socks, sounds, Spandex, Spanking, speculums, Speech restriction, spiritual bdsm, Spitting, Spreader Bars, Squirting, staples, Stockings, Strap-ons, submission, subspace, superheroes, suspension, Suspension Bondage, Swallowing, sweat, swinging, Switching, sybian,
  • T Taboo, Talking Dirty, Tantra, Tattoos, Teacher/Student, tearing off clothing, Tears, Teasing, Tens Unit, threesomes, Tickling, Tit Fucking, tit slapping, toes and feet, toilet, toilet slave, tongue sucking, Tongues, Total Power Exchange, Touching, Toy Making, Toys, Trampling, Transexual, transformation, Transgender, Transvestism, Triple Penetration,
  • U Uncut Cock, Uniforms, Urethral Fucking, Urethral Sounds,
  • V vacuum bed, Vacuum pumping, Vaginal Stretching, Vampires, Velvet, Verbal Humiliation and Degradation, Vibrators, Victorian Lifestyles, Victorian pornography, vintage lingerie, Vintage Porn, vinyl, Violence, violet wand, voice play, Voyeurism,
  • W Wartenberg Pinwheels, water torture, Waterboarding, Waterbondage, Watersports, Wax, webcams, whipping, Whips, WolfPlay, Wrestling, Writing Erotica,
  • Z Zentai,


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