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CIQ, or Compliment, Introduction, Question, is a simple three step aid to help engage others in conversation during casual, social encounters.


  • Compliment Approach with confidence and gain eye contact (if appropriate) with the person you wish to engage. Make a compliment that is not too terribly personal to start with.

Hey there, that's a really nice corset you are wearing, I like the red and black swirling patterns --

  • Introduction immediately move to your introduction.

-- My name is Bob, by the way. I'm here at this party as a bottom and came looking for someone to have a scene with tonight.

  • Question Pause briefly to let them respond with their name if they wish. Finish out your introduction with a question.

Did you come out looking to have a scene with someone tonight?

This simple technique can be altered indefinitely to help assertively gain information or even to direct a conversation.