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Bratting is a subtle manipulation used by an s-type, most often consciously, in order to earn attention from a d-type. Frequently this subtle manipulation is done in a flirtatious manner.

Bratting is often commonly associated with:

Bratting is not typically considered consistent with egregious disobedience or heinous forms of acting out.


Bratting is often negatively associated with challenging a D-type for control, however, many involved in power exchange relationships enjoy these types of interactions at times and report the activity as fun, or in some cases as essential to ensure the health of their relationships. What is important to understand and discuss with your partner is what level of bratting you and they are comfortable with and enjoy as part of your relationship dynamics.

If bratting is a consensual part of your dynamic, or even ordered to occur by the d-type, then doing so not in any way a lack of obedience and submission, but is an intentional form of disruptive behavior.