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Fire disciplines are methods of play that involve using fire and heat from fire to stimulate a person. Fire play is often mixed with other temperature play techniques and can may be combined with many other types of play.


  • Fire can scar a person horribly as well as cripple and kill a person in painfully brutal ways.
  • When you play with fire, you will get burned eventually.
  • Always receive hands on training before attempting fire play. You do not get do-overs when you are playing with fire.
  • Practice fireplay on non-flamable surfaces such as concrete and with supervision before attempting to practice on another human being.
  • when performing with fire, avoid synthetic and poly blend fiber clothing as it will not burn, but instead will melt to the skin. Consider performing instead with natural fiber clothing or without clothing.
  • Overcome your fear of fire, it is strongly suggested one practice fire fleshing on themselves, such as by lighting one's own hand on fire and putting it out to help learn how fire behaves before moving on to more advanced tools and techniques.
  • Fire takes three things - Fuel, Oxygen, and a Ignition Source (spark, etc.) Eliminate one of them and your fire will cease. Have safety items that will take these away, in most cases concerning humans, not a fire extinguisher.
  • Heat rises (but there is still heat in all directions!). Check your surroundings and assess your play space thoroughly for anything that could become fuel.
  • Lots of things can be fuel, human flesh and hair included. Make sure you aren't adding fuels without realizing it (perfume, hair and hair spray residual in hair, fingernail polish, flammable material around your subject on all sides, surfaces that you are on, etc.)
  • Have a spotter to watch for safety as well as stray drips of fuel and burns, ready to put out any mistake in an instant, often by smothering it with a wet towel or Duvetyne blanket.
  • Lighting can make a drastic impact in your performance, areas that are too dark do not provide enough vision to tell what you are doing, areas that are too light will dim the flame and you won't be able to control the flame as well if you can't see it. Seek areas that are lit well enough to see what is going on with your torch lit, but not much brigher.
  • Wind direction can shift suddenly, be aware of wind direction for your fire play and how that can directly impact your safety and the safety of others.
  • Large Burn off tools and toys should take place outside, 25 feet away from any flammable structures, to include an audience, check the legalities in your area as certain regions may differing laws.
  • Place your fuel source far from your working area and any open flames, do not allow smoking near your fuel source.
  • Different fuels burn at different rates, be sure to thoroughly know the fuel types you are dealing with.
  • Inspect and monitor your gear continuously during play. Many fire tools have sudden rates of failure and will fail catastrophically.
  • Fuel will pool when applied to the body in cracks and crevices such as under breasts, in the glutes, near genitals, navels, etc. Be mindful of these areas as pooled fuel will present a serious danger and is also more difficult to put out in a crevice, should it ignite.
  • People burn. Some things can make burns worse - scars of any type, including tattoos; imperfections in the skin, etc. Some things can make burns less - barriers (including water); reducing exposure (smaller flames, less time exposure).
  • Each burn applied to the skin will dry it and damage it increasingly over time, limit how long you play with fire on each body, allowing a few days before playing again, to include your own. Utilize aloe vera lotion to keep skin soft and healing (pending any allergies) and hydrate thoroughly.
  • Aftercare is just as important in fire play as other types of play. Have burn cream, aloe, warm blanket, etc. on hand.

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