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Electrical Play, or electro/electrosex, involves the use of electrical currents to cause a stimulating effect on nerves in the body. Electricity is known for it's very wide range of intensity in the context of play from incredibly subtle like a light touch of the wings of a buzzing bee to completely torturous and capable of making permanent marks and brands. Electricity is also known for it's lethality factor as in the context of a scene as a person cannot act quickly enough to respond to a life threatening emergency caused by improper technique or catastrophic equipment malfunctions.

RACK and Best Practices

The key to increased safety in Electro Play is understanding basic safety issues and how each piece of electrical equipment works as different devices can vary drastically.

If any doubts exist concerning the risks associated with electrostimulation, do nothing and consult a physician and electrician before proceeding.

  • Training Do not attempt electrical play without hands on training from a very experienced electro player. Always start low and slow.
  • Lubrication Electrostimulation, in general, can cause tissue damage or even death if misused. The most common problems arising from electrostimulation tend to be burns from lack of lubrication or bad contact between an electrode and the skin's surface.
  • Heart failure Even at relatively low current and voltage, there is also risk of interference with normal heart function (potentially including cardiac arrest), and this risk is higher for those who use an artificial pacemaker or similar device or who have heart conditions.
  • Medical Conditions Never use electrostimulation on someone who has a pacemaker, insulin pump or other electrically operated medical implant. Do not use on anyone with a history of epilepsy, a history of strokes or seizures, heart disease or nerve damage. Pregnant women should not use electrostimulation at all.
  • Head It is important to keep the path of current away from the head. Current from electrodes near the head can damage the eyes, facial nerves, or even brain function.
  • Inspection Always inspect gear to ensure electrical play equipment in good working order before each use. Be responsible in your actions and educate yourself as to the proper use of each electrical tool/implement as these implements can kill suddenly and without warning due to improper technique and catastrophic equipment failure.
  • Metal jewelry and piercings Permanent or temporary body piercings when connected to any electrostimulation device can easily result in burns since they have a small contact area. Be aware that body jewelry and other metal implants may heat up over time.
  • Water Like all electrical devices, electrical play units of any kind should be kept away from water, and manufacturers' instructions should be read and strictly followed.
  • Grounding Electrical circuits in mains powered equipment are connected to ground to prevent user contact with dangerous voltage if electrical insulation fails. Grounding of the top or bottom may also be necessary for certain electrical play techniques. This is often down with electrical grounding matts or grounding strips.
  • Battery Operation Whenever possible use battery operated devices as they are far less likely to have a supply overload than most mains power circuits.
  • GFCI Electrical Play that uses a mains power supply (wall outlet) will benefit from the use of a residual-current device (RCD) circuit breaker or (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) in North America), especially if there is any danger of the cable from the wall socket to the wand generator being damaged, or of the generator or cable getting wet (sweat, drool, water, soft drinks and urine all conduct electricity well). If this happens, the GFCI will most likely prevent the generator or exposed cables from remaining live.[1]
  • Circuit Tester If you are not using a battery operated device, test your circuits first to ensure their safety for use. [2]
  • Sensitivity sensitivity to electrical devices will vary drastically from person to person, and even somewhat hour by hour for an individual. It is also important to limit most electrical play between 30-60 minutes depending on the device and strength of current applied as too much electrical stimulation is often bad for the body and nerves.

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