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A protocol is any defined ,enforced code of behavior, and or rituals whether it be within the confines of a particular group, community, or other interpersonal dynamic.

Protocols are a set of governing rules that dictate the body, behavior and attitudes through an enforced code of behavior and/or rituals whether it be within the confines of a particular group,community, or interpersonal dynamic.

Protocols are often referred to those found within a power exchange relationship. The reason there is no set rules about universal protocols is because every power exchange relationship is different, not just based on relationship style, but more specifically on the individuals involved in the relationship.

[[Best Practices]a]: How to create your own protocols

To develop some starter protocols as a D-type, consider what things you value and what small niceties might make your life easier and more enjoyable. Then discuss them with your partner and negotiate the terms of these protocols. When creating rituals and protocols, ensure they have the following criteria:

A ritual or protocol should be...

  • able to be consistently maintained with little or preferably no Master maintenance.
  • practical or it will not see regular use.
  • assist with facilitating and enriching the s-type headspace and D/s relationship rather than detracting from them.
  • avoid boredom and preferably guard against it.
  • able to fall within RACK or SSC guidelines.

With that information you will be able to create your own rewarding protocols with your partner, provided you know what it is that you want and like, and if you don't, it's important to get to know yourself if you intend on directing your s-type in how to please you.