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Pet play is a form of role play in which one or more participants act as animals. Pet play can be considered a sub-culture of BDSM [1] and is considered unique in its many forms.


Pet play is considered to be a good outlet for emotional release, as it is a form of escapism. The human pet gets the chance to let go of most or all human responsibilities and worries in pet form. There is a good amount of disassociation involved because, for however long a pet play session lasts, the pet puts down huaman thought processes and responsibilities and may even pick up a slightly altered personality. A human pet no longer has to worry about preparing food, speaking in complete sentences or thoughts, appearing proper, or performing self-care. Some human pets even give over complete control, following only the orders of the human presiding over the role playing.

Pet play can also contain degradation and humiliation, especially consensual "forced" pet play, where a person is pushed into the position of begging dog, squealing pig, or prancing horse.


The interactions within pet play can be either sexual or non-sexual. There are several dynamics that can be present, but there is no necessity for pet play participants to have a relationship dynamic with one another. A human animal can be Dominant, submissive, or even neutral in play. Some pets may form packs, litters, herds, or similar groups based on their species, while others may be members of groups with their owners, such as show groups. [citation needed]

Common Animals & Play

Human pets in pet play come in many forms. The more common pets are canines, equines, felines, and pigs, but pet play is up to the participants, therefore, there are human animals ranging from house pets to farm animals and wild animals to fantastical beasts.

Canines (Puppy Play)

Equines (Pony Play)

==== Felines (Kitten Play) ====a