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It is the mission of the to collect knowledge and share around the globe about BDSM practices; to set forth its general systems of best practices, medical information, risk assessment and technical data to those who practice BDSM and those who wish to learn of it, and to transmit it to those who will come after us.

  • If you find this site useful please share it with others, a better educated community is a safer community. It is the hope of the site to eventually become the best free resource for BDSM education on the internet. If you feel it's really a wonderful resource you'd like to support the efforts, please consider making a donation.
  • Please note that at this time the wiki is undergoing initial construction and that many edits still need to be made, but feel free to explore as there is lots of great information here already or you can help make meaningful contributions by joining the wiki team!

Getting Started with the BDSM wiki

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