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Know thyself is a self assessment beginner exercise that will help new explorers of BDSM create meaningful and realistic goals for relationships by asking probing and meaningful questions.


Hand-write out the following questions and answer them honestly and realisitically, review them regularly and update as needed.

  • What are my five best traits?
  • What are the five best traits I would look for in a partner?
  • What are the five best traits I would seek to have in a relationship dynamic?
  • What is my full lists of Needs and Wants in a relationship dynamic?

a*What are the five best things my potential partner could add to that relationship dynamic?

  • What are the five best things I can add to that relationship dynamic?
  • How do each of these categories interact?
  • Will pursuing the type of dynamic I desire bring me happiness?
  • What things can I do to improve my chances of success for attaining such a dynamic and what is my plan for doing those things?

These questions allow for a simple bit of introspection on the part of the user to assess themselves, particularly their wants and needs, and they may find those things vary and change over time. Further, one should not feel limited to merely five things on many questions, but should instead commit to having a minimum of five things for each of those respective questions.

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