Golden showers

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A golden shower is the concept that refers to the term meaning to urinate on someone, or some would say, to piss on them. It is an act of humiliation that also references a specific power exchange, namely, between the person urinating on someone, and the person being urinated on, at least if you subscribe to some form of role essentialism.

Synonyms for urinating on someone include peeing, pissing, weeing, leaking, and golden-rodding. Similarly, one can also store one's pee in the fridge and use it for a cold golden shower.

Best Practices

The most import thing to remember, when doing aa golden shower, is considered to be the act of making sure you need to pee at the right time. Have your submissive, or submissives, bring you plenty of tea and coffee to drink, as these are diuretics, also make sure to avoid eating food such as asparagus or beats, as these may cause your urine to become an unsightly color. There are, however, certain people who prefer the unsightly color, since it can be used as an especial form of humiliation play to have to drink red pee. Use the same stool or ladder method as described in the Brown showers article.