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Electrical Play involves the use of electrical currents to cause a stimulating effect on the body. Electricity is known for it's very wide range of intensity in the context of play from incredibly subtle like a light touch of a feather to completely torturous and capable of making permanent marks and brands. Electricity is also known for it's lethality factor as in the context of a scene as a person cannot act quickly enough to respond to a life threatening emergency caused by improper technique or catastrophic equipment malfunctions.

The key to increased safety in Electro Play is understanding basic safety issues and how each piece of electrical equipment works. For example: keeping TENS electrodes and Violet Wand sparks only on areas of dry, unbroken skin, knowing how and approximately how much current is going through the heart with ANY electrical device, and keeping your play equipment in good working order are all crucial to safe electroplay. Never use electricity on a person who has a pacemaker. Be responsible in your actions and please educate yourself as to the proper use of each electrical tool/implement as these implements can kill suddenly and without warning.[1]

Basic Electrical Safety Facts

  • Grounding
  • GFCI
  • Circuit Tester
  • Pace Makers
  • Sensitivity

Electrical Devices


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